We have a special announcement to make today: GVCSS has reached our fundraising goal for the Doman Wheelchair Van Replacement Campaign. This milestone comes on the day that we mark the 2nd anniversary of the passing of our dear colleague, Diana Hill-Stringer, who we lost on July 6, 2018. It was Diana's request that we create the Diana Hill-Stinger Memorial Fund to benefit the van campaign, a final gesture of her generous nature. Over past 2 years, we have received tens of thousands of dollars donated in her honour.

As of this past weekend, we have now raised the $77,000 needed to purchase a wheelchair accessible van for the individuals with developmental disabilities living at our Doman Street Community Living home. We thank the family members of a Doman resident whose donations brought us to our goal.

Since 2010, GVCSS has raised over $250,000 and replaced 6 wheelchair vans, one for each of our Community Living homes. This is an incredible achievement of which our organization is extremely proud. We know that Diana would be celebrating with us today, as we celebrate her life and her memory.

We thank everyone who has given to the Diana Hill-Stringer Memorial Fund and the GVCSS Wheelchair Van Replacement Campaign over the past decade. You have made a difference to the people we serve, and helped us build a great community. Thank you.

And thank you, Diana. May you rest in peace.